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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

my first post on my first blog

Well this is my little weblog on the www welcome to all brave souls that look upon it and oh yeah abandon all hope ye who enter here. :-) This blog wil lbe a little insight into my mind and what makes me tick now for some random observations of mine.

*regardless of how much peer pressure you get from your "friends " its never a good idea if you ever find yourself in jamaica to drop a hit of acid and eat two pieces of ganga and shroom cake it tends to make you strip off all your clothes and run through the streets at midnight singing peter gabriels shock the monkey at the top of your lungs while pouring butterscotch all over yourself plus the cops there tend to fill thier nightsticks with lead ballbearings and it stings really really bad when they beat you

*This election for president is a contest between tweedle dum and tweetle dummer and michael badnarik the libertarian candidate not that im biased mind you . :-)

*I'm bart simpson in a Fred Flinstone world.

*When I first wake up every morning i feel like a purple smurf thats been puking green bile on the grey steps of the whitehouse.

thats all I got for today tune in next time for more from me.Same bat time same bat channel


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