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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

get off your butt and vote

you have until 6 pm to vote so get out and do it my personal preference is straight libertarian ticket but if you vote for anyone you are changing the political landscape so go do it i will post the presidential election results for ALL of the candidates as they become available unlike the lamestream media who wont tell you even who all is running because they hate democrocy as much as both lamestream presidential candidates do

Update at 4:30 pm nov 3

John Kerry, Democrat 55,104,702 48%
George W. Bush, Republican (incumbent) 58,640,799 51%
Ralph Nader, independent 392,219 0%
Michael Badnarik, Libertarian 374,741 0%
Michael Peroutka, constitution party 129,162 0%
David Cobb, green party 104,591 0%
Leonard Peltier, peace and freedom party 21,616 0%
Gene Amondson, Prohibition Party 1,895 0%
Andy Andress, Unaffiliated (no websites for candidate or party )716 0%
Walter Brown, Socialist Party USA 10,258 0%
Roger Calero, socialist workers party 5,263 0%
Earl F. Dodge, href="">Prohibition party 122 0%
Thomas Harens, christian freedom party 2,345 0%
James Harris,(surrogate nominee for Roger Calero) socialist workers party 6,688 0%
Charles Jay, personal choice party 867 0%
John Parker, write in(no website for candidate or party) 1,159 0%
Bill Van Auken, Socialist equity party 2,088 0%
None of the Above 3,645 0%
Precincts: 99% Updated: 11-03 4:30 PM ET


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